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For last two years I had this very motivational ramble here, about trying to write, post, and
FINISH more fanfiction and look where it's gotten me.
Few unfinished stories, 2 of them published but not necessarily in their entirety.
So from now on, I'll be openly accepting of my procrastination-prone nature and will take stuff one step at the time.
Also I never thought I'd say this but I found me some new fandoms to lurk in.
Currently I'm in love in ATWT LuRE fandom and (more distantly but I hope that'll change when
the show is back for 7th season next week) Entourage one with my shiny two new OTP pairings.

So anyway my favourite pairings (to read, sometimes to write, or think about writing and never finish it. Honestly I have a book of fan fic ideas. I should start selling them) are:

Supernatural: Don't make me say that^^

SPN: Wincest (I know, I know. Not my fault Winchester Brothers have way too good chemistry with each other)
ATWT: Luke&Reid
Glee: Santana&Brittany
Chuck: Chuck&Casey
ST TOS: Kirk&Chapel
MASH- Margaret& Hawkeye
BTVS: Buffy&Spike
T70S: Jackie&Hyde
Firefly: Kaylee&Mal
HP: Hermione&Snape
BBT: Sheldon&Penny

I mostly don't mind other pairings if the story is told well enough, although I did develope a Bangl (Buffyverse) allergy over the years and some NUKE [ATWT} allergy lately, and seem to have developed the same problem with Simon/Kaylee, Mal/Inara pairings (Fireflyverse), but that might be due to reading to much Maylee centered fiction.
Oh well. Bear with me unless you don't have to:>

I sometimes tend to poduce one character centered fics too.

So -without the further bore- let me mold and forge myself here.
So mote it be,I'd say.