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Title:  'It's a crazy world, it's a bit absurd.'
Fandom/Type: SPN RPS non-AU (as in Js star on SPN)
Pairing: J2: always-a-girl!Jared/Jensen, mentions of past relationships
Rating: PG(ish)
Warnings: drunk Js, het-smooching, a general convention twist, A/Ns after the ending
Wordcount: 1253
Beta: My splendid saedulaque All remaining mistakes are mine
Disclaimer: No one was harmed during the making of this fic. Persons mentioned or alluded here are their own people, and did not want to participate in this scenario. Shame. ;>
A/N: So after along  while of lurking on J2&SPN mostly slashy comms,  here I come with a het-smoochfest *facepalms at self*. Still in my defense,  certain plot-bunny made me do it  so I'm totally excused. Or something. ;)

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SPN 7x11 Adventures in Babysitting

So, a cool episode but I'm still missing Bobby.

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It's not that I'm all that surprised about Bobby, but this episode still broke my heart on so many occasions right till the very end.

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Okay, it HAS been so long since I've actually posted anything here that I had to think for a while there where do I go and post a new entry.
Got a hang of it though already.

And now to the topic.

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Writer's Block: Let freedom ring

How do you celebrate Independence Day in your country?

In November so it's cold and crispy and all the parades that we have are military ones and quite somber.  Lots of Big Important people doing Big Important Talks on TV using Big Important Words like Tradition, Patriotism and Whatnot. There's also the flower laying on the grave of unknown soldier in Warsaw. For most it's a good day off to have, but in official channels it's rather melancholic. 

Personally I blame the November weather. Oh, yeah and peskily unfortunate Polish history as well.

Writer's Block: Born this way

If you were a cross-breed between two animals, what animals would they be, and why?

Realistically speaking (as in which animals suit my character best) I don't know, but then again how much of a touch with reality do I need to retain to answer such a question? I'm saying not much and going with the flow.

I guess I love cats and crows, but I can't really see in my mind's eye a successful crossbreed of these so maybe I'd go with  being a human (another animal tyvm) with some feline and/or avian DNA in the mix. ( Yes I have been watching Dark Angel lately, which  has nothing at all to do with SPN addiction follow-up or Jensen Ackles. Neither does my answer has anything to do with wanting to look slightly more like Jessica Alba. Nothing. At. All.  ;> )

So there *iz poking her tongue at the world*

Then again I could see perfectly well how a mix of a cat (or more of a panther-like feline) and a wolf would be cool. Yep, if I go all animal that'll be it. :)

Writer's Block: Mother Monster returns

In three words, how would you describe Lady Gaga?

Utterly, wonderfully obnoxious.

Monday WTF moment FTW

 It's been a while folks, web and the rest of the world,none of you probably reading anymore but here it goes.

I was writing a work email a moment ago and as I wrote the word 'shipper' (as in the person who sends stuff) I had this huge WTF moment upon realizing I actually used the word in a non-fanfiction setting (sic!).

Coz that's a new one and it's HUGE!

I seriously lmaoed at myself, and at how weird I am, and then thought I had to share. So here. Me being Shary McShareson.

In other news I've been pretty much lost to the world for a while now, as after the heartbreak of ATWT ending I jumped head first
into Supernatural. And then watched it , and rewatched, rewatched again and then fawned over our boys. And read fanfiction, a lot.
Guilty pleasures are guilty.

And I reconnected with some friends from Lure fandom so that's good. In the meantime Hellatus has started, and I started rewatching all of Dark Angel on accont of Jensen Ackles appearing in 1.18 of season one, and in most of season 2.
How wrong is it of me going all: 'Awwww baby! You're such a cute, twinky looking psycho killer! <3 <3 <3 ' over Jensen's character Ben??? :DDD

In other, other news I need some cool SPNy icons pronto. 

Writer's Block: Boldly going

Which fictional world would you choose to visit, and why?

That's a tough one because I have so many I'd like to visit!
For sure the following:

1.Firefly verse
2.Star Wars universe
3. Middle-Earth (of Tolkien's LOTR)
4.Earthsee ( from Ursula Le Guin books)
5. Valdemar (from Mercedec Lackey's Herolds of Valdemar cycle)
6.Fantasia (from Neverending Story)
7. Avalon ( as portrayed in Marion Zimmer Bradley's 'The Mists of Avalon')

maybe more that I now can't recall.;) 
The resons are pretty much self-explanatory I think, but let's elaborate:

1. World of the future, with the wild west of opportunity and Chinese curse words in it?Hell yes. Oh yes, and meeting Malcolm Reynolds and the crew wouldn't hurt:>

2. I just wanna be a Jedi:>>> And I love the richness of this world.

3. I'd like to travel the vast expanse of it, that's all.

4. See 3. :)

5. I always wanted to meet talking horses, mages and gryphons :)

6. I had a huge crush on Atreyu when I was kid, and I so want to fly with Falcor.

&. I think I could be happy there among ancient priestesess and mysteries.

ATWT Fanfic: Of Guilt, Hate& Karma

 Title: Of Guilt, Hate& Karma
 Author: mon_alice
 Spoilers: none if you've seen the show till the end,
 Summary:  Post /around craptastic! Tuesday of Doom. Luke grapples with Reid's death.
 Pairings: Luke/Reid mentions, Katie/Chris mentions
 Form: One shot.
 Warnings: Mental angst of going to the dark side. Passante wanted him all grown up, right?
 Rating: ???? Any suggestions?  PG-13-ish for lack of explicity but the content is...angsty
 A/N 1

I'm actually in the middle of two other fanfics but this just kept pouring out and didn't want to stop which I found strangely cathartic.

If you don't feel like reading it I can relate, as I love reading 'fix it/au' fics much more then the 'angsty real life' approach fics  too.
Or at least I have to be in specific mood (read: in the mood allowing me to leave my denial bubble) to do so. Still I'll appreciate if you do end up reading, as well as all your feedback. 

Thanks both to  slayerkitty  and to my sis saedulaque  who took on an ungrateful job of beta reading, commenting and supporting my crazy, crazy self.   :)))) 

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