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 So I went to my first spin class today. I was expecting them to- I dunno- teach me to lie more effectively, but instead they just told me to get on a bike,  darkened the room, turned on flashy stroboscope lights and loud music and literally wore my ass out (honestly I can still feel it!).

Now why-pray tell- would all of that suddenly remind me of a QAF episode? :PPPP


Writer's Block: Random acts of kindness

What is the nicest thing you've ever done for a stranger? What is the nicest thing a stranger has ever done for you?

this way for the answer..Collapse )

Concentrating on the positive stuff


On to Meet Up W/da Mess *sighs loudly*

So... Ronnie has been reinstated to her (almost) previous form, and I have just watched this poor excuse for an episode that today's broadcast was (not you Van, you were amazing. And surprisingly so, so were Lilden.).

Now I'm bracing myself for watching yesterday's bit in spite of the denial.
No more computer  breaking my dear denial, ok?
I will still (with a heavy- but still present in my chest- heart) watch it. Not that I really want to, but i think like I owe it to Reid and Luke. To thee writers- not so much.

Anyhow I suppose I'll need hugging. *goes to get ther fluffy sheep pillow but rl/virtual hugs are welcome*

Change the singing girl into Luke, The guy into Reid and Noah into the Death/Evil goth person, and it'll all be perfect again.


Live Blogging Today's ATFWKFT*

Okay, I thought I'd try this live blogging thing as my laptop is finally up from the virus (no, no antibiotics were applied).
And for the record I'm only watching to know what happens, not because I want to. Ghhh. I still hate the writers.

Mommy, mommy may I please run down JP and MG with my car?Collapse )

Of the Horsepower of Denial


ATWT Fanfic: Relocation

Contains endgame spoilers and some amounts of crack. Deal or don't deal. Just don't go to jail.;>Collapse )

Oh BBs even it it's not really as masterfully written as some of the amazing works in the community, I still prefer this AU over what they're going to do to us *shakes head in disappointment*


 I have actually gotten up, eaten breakfast and NOT WATCHED the awesomeness that were yesterday's LuRe scenes AGAIN.
I truly am a superhero even if I say so myself. ;P

Gotta clean, go to the post office and stuff.

Also is it me or did we have so many awesome icons posted on  lure_atwt lately that it's REALLY hard to choose the best ones??!

I just spent 5 minutes wondering which kiss icon should I upload. Rotfl.
Ah the joys of the fangirling;>