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Okay, it HAS been so long since I've actually posted anything here that I had to think for a while there where do I go and post a new entry.
Got a hang of it though already.

And now to the topic.

Man what an episode.
First of all: Dean's head is not in a good place, but it's not anything new. I'm thinking it's a trope they're giving us to justify some big resolution in the end, that I may or may not like (I'm weighing on the 'may not' option here), but I will take it one step at the time.
I mean I'm trough with reading spoilers and thinking ahead because I only end up wound up in my head too much. So no SPN, love you to bits, but you will not be messing me up. Well, at least a little bit less. Or something,

But back to the episode.
Story was quite cool, nicely paced and blending the MotW with the main arc in a very neat fashion. Then again was it only me that upon seeing the blue goo thought: 'Leviathan experiment'? Maybe it was the whole 'then' roll, showing Leviathans (who for a Big Bad this seasons were not really making many appearances lately. I mean okay, demons are being held off by Crowley,  but Leviathans? Not making much attempts lately, are they? Then again maybe they figured -and correctly so- that the Winchesters will find them sooner or later and for the time being they'll just take over the world. Dr. Horrible and the Evil League of Evil would have been pround...) or maybe I'm just that bright.

As for the MotW at first I thought: 'Wendigo', but while the parallels with that episode of yore were evident and probably deliberate (except for boys now actually looking like they knew what they were doing in a forest for once), obviously it had to be something different. And it was. The whole big guy who got thin and was constantly hungry reminded me of a Stephan King novel, which would've been cool pop cultural reference. Also as a monster the guy looked somewhat like a Navi gone wrong. And again the completely new monster, constantly hungry Dean, nefarious meat deliveries (Hello, 'Double Meat Palace' story arc on Buffy anyone?) it all had to tie in into something bigger, And it's not like SPN is a show  about spies and biological warfare. Well, not in the common sense of the word, so it had to be Leviathans.

Now, unfortunately in the past I read some spoilers, which said something about the boys being out there on their own without the support system of old. And let's face it: Bobby is their support system so I knew there was something bound to happen there. I used to think they'd be chased by the police and wouldn't be able to meet with Bobby, who's be discovered as their known associate, but of course I was being way too optimistic and as of last few episodes-completely off my mark.

I'm willing to hope that they WILL NOT kill Bobby, that there may be hospital, or temporary coma or whatever. Usually a cliffhanger like that is just a red herring thrown in to keep you hooked, but diffused and resolved within first 15 minutes of the next episode, but I'm rather scared to be optimistic. I mean they already did it once this season, with the explosion of Bobby's house and then  Bobby being okay. And in SPN the stories may be similar but they never 100% the same. Also they have a habit of making you love the characters and then killing them off repeatedly*. And Bobby has died once so far so all signs in my reasonably paranoid head point to Bobby dying. I want to be wrong (and maybe my predictions will jinx it- let's hope so)  but I'm afraid I'm not. And as much as I love this 'no hell below us, above us only sky (no heaven)' policy of this season- this gives us null chances of resurrection.  Which would be cheesy, I know, but I don't care-- it's Bobby, goddammit!  If they do kill him off I'm just gonna go live in my happy head cannon where Bobby is alive, John rots in hell on a stick, Lucifer is handsomer (but still in the Cage) and Sam, Dean &Impala live happily ever after in their incestuous little world, travelling through America and hunting monsters. So there show, you're this close to becoming AU to me. I'd say bring it on but you just might do that, so I won't.

All in all great episode, but paws off Bobby Kripke minions! 

Some loose thoughts still at the end of this ramble:
- the foul mooded waiter was so funny. So was Ranger Rick, but he was more fun thanks to Dean's approach to him. The waiter was hilarious on his own.
-Dick is..such a dick. And a glib and very shark-like too. Dean get out your funk strap your brother into a non-baby (for know) and go save the world from this scary sonnuva purgatory. I mean c'mon! This guy dissed Crowley's baby ovary muffins! Now, who would do that. No, but seriously I'm curious about those 'world domination plans' Bobby found. Plans of which the boys don't know (and I dunno whether he actually had them on him when he left the building) so another bummer if he's dead.
Also SPN, ROTFLMAO on this:


-the conversation in the woods about boys' childhood and Bobby's role in it? Really sweet, but as the story goes it looks like a sentimental set up before letting the character go. The cheese factor letting Bobby stay alive I say yes to. The cheese factor used like that is a big no-no people!

*On a separate yet related note I watched Ringer 1x09 today as well, and I had this 'you know you watch too much SPN' moment when I was watching a scene where SMG's character (aka the main heroine) and her friend Marcus were both snooping through someone's stuff to get to the bottom of something. Except SMG was checking out her shrink's files, and Marcus (the obsolete non head liner guy) was riffling through the wallet of a thug/possible murderer (which is known to audience but not to the characters) and I was like" Come on man, your not the main character! Stop doing that or you'll get killed off!'. :>
Lol, I totally facepalmed over that.

Okay, here endeth the ramble.