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Monday WTF moment FTW

 It's been a while folks, web and the rest of the world,none of you probably reading anymore but here it goes.

I was writing a work email a moment ago and as I wrote the word 'shipper' (as in the person who sends stuff) I had this huge WTF moment upon realizing I actually used the word in a non-fanfiction setting (sic!).

Coz that's a new one and it's HUGE!

I seriously lmaoed at myself, and at how weird I am, and then thought I had to share. So here. Me being Shary McShareson.

In other news I've been pretty much lost to the world for a while now, as after the heartbreak of ATWT ending I jumped head first
into Supernatural. And then watched it , and rewatched, rewatched again and then fawned over our boys. And read fanfiction, a lot.
Guilty pleasures are guilty.

And I reconnected with some friends from Lure fandom so that's good. In the meantime Hellatus has started, and I started rewatching all of Dark Angel on accont of Jensen Ackles appearing in 1.18 of season one, and in most of season 2.
How wrong is it of me going all: 'Awwww baby! You're such a cute, twinky looking psycho killer! <3 <3 <3 ' over Jensen's character Ben??? :DDD

In other, other news I need some cool SPNy icons pronto.