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Writer's Block: Boldly going

Which fictional world would you choose to visit, and why?

That's a tough one because I have so many I'd like to visit!
For sure the following:

1.Firefly verse
2.Star Wars universe
3. Middle-Earth (of Tolkien's LOTR)
4.Earthsee ( from Ursula Le Guin books)
5. Valdemar (from Mercedec Lackey's Herolds of Valdemar cycle)
6.Fantasia (from Neverending Story)
7. Avalon ( as portrayed in Marion Zimmer Bradley's 'The Mists of Avalon')

maybe more that I now can't recall.;) 
The resons are pretty much self-explanatory I think, but let's elaborate:

1. World of the future, with the wild west of opportunity and Chinese curse words in it?Hell yes. Oh yes, and meeting Malcolm Reynolds and the crew wouldn't hurt:>

2. I just wanna be a Jedi:>>> And I love the richness of this world.

3. I'd like to travel the vast expanse of it, that's all.

4. See 3. :)

5. I always wanted to meet talking horses, mages and gryphons :)

6. I had a huge crush on Atreyu when I was kid, and I so want to fly with Falcor.

&. I think I could be happy there among ancient priestesess and mysteries.